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Bluedio Bluetooth Headphones and making them work on Windows 7

So I bought these bluetooth weird headphones from Aliexpress on 11.11, some “Bluedio Hurricane” thing. It didn’t work out of the box with Windows 7. It did work nicely with my mobile phone, which I understand is what the purpose of the headphones was meant to provide, headset fun. Some Googling eventually provided a terrible YouTube video that the guy talks quietly and then shows an 8-bit screen-recorder of him doing bullshit in an even quieter tone. But he gives this: Initially I thought It’s bullshit, until I got back to it and noticed it is “for non-Toshiva” laptops and that it’s a whole Bluetooth stack, so I said,…
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Making the magical terminate hung SSH session key sequence work happily

Hit [crayon-58b06853ad5d0855034333-i/]  (include the dot!). Hard to remember? Say “tilda dot” twice out loud. It’s like saying Gal Gadot. What? What are you talking about? Oh! A hung SSH session on my terminal! That's it. Most docs I found on this key sequence don't mention that little newline before the tilda. It made me pull off some hairs in the past. I then realized the SSH terminal probably expects ~. as a single line. This means that your futile attempts to write something on the command line must put some junk before the sacred key combination. I’ve just bought a OnePlus 3 and I think it's ok, we’ll see in…
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Why won’t my karma js test find required local browerify modules?

In short: you wrote your nice app's library modules that you want to test. Your project is browserified, thus included in other modules (such as the main js entry point) with a require(...). But, once you want to require them in your test suite files, karma complains it cannot find them. That's what happened to me. :( After being sad and not touching the project for a week, I decided to get down to it and solve it. Looking at the test code, it hit me (and it was painful like a cat scratching you all of the sudden while you pet it). I was trying to require my to-be-tested…
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Accessing your drives on Fedora using a GUI without stupid policy files

Once I was young and bold. I liked to do things with fstab, and smiled upon weird JavaScript-like looking code 'policy files' with whatever it is, Fedora, Gnome 3, bwaa!. Not anymore. So I am taking Fedora for a spin or a ride, not sure what is the correct phrase, and it started asking for passwords when trying to mount my boring Windows partitions. Searching the internet did not yield any easy results. The only thing that seemed plausible doing was creating some policy file and entering magic code that looked like JavaScript and it disgusted me. The main thought I had was "ah, yes, I will have to do…
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An honest, accurate review of Linux desktop environments

I use Ubuntu 14.04 at the time of this writing. I've been a long time user of Xubuntu, and I like it, yet I'm very open to new ideas and shit like Unity or GNOME Shell or even (god forbid) Cinnamon. So... UNITY IS A PIECE OF SHIT. XFCE is almost the best thing ever. Cinnamon can be rather interesting when customized, but it's a piece of shit. MATE is a piece of shit, though has an interesting smell, as if the pooper ate beetroot. And about GNOME Shell I'm not even talking. Unity... I installed vanilla Ubuntu the other day. I've tried using Unity for a few days after,…
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Facebook login server-side authentication because Edge and IE are crap and so is Firefox

ajajshd crap i don't have the markdown plugin installed... ah hell, maybe later. Greetings. I was facing an annoying multi-dimensional problem from the seventh heaven of the universe of steel. Where I work we create a site which has (surprisingly) Facebook-based login. We use the JS SDK which is nice and does not fully work on Edge. Mozilla also updated their amazing Firefox and the new version introduced 'tracking protection' to their private browsing mode among the rest. What it does is block terrible scripts from running, among them the Facebook JS SDK script. So on Firefox's private browsing your site won't work and on Edge and IE it randomly…
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How I did Mithril server rendering for some isomorphic app stuff

Update Jan, 2017: Quite a lot passed since this post and there seem to be some interesting projects that should be given a shot with Mithril server rendering. I'm gonna check this: Tell me if you find something interesting, I'd like to know! Hello. As I was working on some web app and it started getting a bit tough for simple jQuery, I decided to try out Mithril JS rather than Reacting or whatever. There's this silly trend of building "isomorphic" JavaScript apps. You probably already know what it is but I'll write one line about it: basically you make the server render the page that the browser would've for the…
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Setting up local development for a Facebook app (with WAMP, but should work anywhere)

I need to develop an app (or game) on Facebook. Facebook is a pain in the pita as for developing apps. First, you have to use SSL in your app URL. Then, well, I don't know what's then. As for my server's SSL I used a StartSSL free certificate, which was also a pain in the pita to get, but I'm poor so I couldn't afford a real-men's certificate as of yet (hint from April's 2016: now you can use "Let's Encrypt"). But how do you develop your app locally, so you don't have to push your stuff to the server just to test your new hello world everytime? HA!…
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Vim, colorscheme Lucius, and terminal background going crazy (and friends)

I've been using the Lucius colorscheme for Vim for quite some time.  One thing had me baboon my head to the wall for quite a while.  I was scrolling down through a .c file for example, and when I scrolled back up the background colors started being ugly and didn't fit the theme. I googled a bit, and then I thought there might be some update to the theme file or something so I ventured forth and examined lucius.vim before updating anything. There I've found lovely options to be set, and I tried the g:lucius_no_term_bg which defaults to 0.  I set it to 1 in my .vimrc section related to…
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How to make files mounted on NTFS volume non-executable on Linux and why cats are awesome

My Linux, currently Ubuntu :(, always has an NTFS partition shared with Windows on my trusty 'AHorse' laptop. When browsing such a partition, say, /media/Data/, the files were annoyingly executable! This results in a way-too-bright color in the terminal and an annoying "Hello, my name is Nautilus, do you want to run or display the file?" I've already solved it once with the help of Google. It has something to do with the way the volume is mounted, and that means: /etc/fstab. I always forget the right flag to modify on the corresponding line for /media/Data (on fstab) so I decided to write this article for my future reference. And…
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